State Representatives Andy Brenner (R- Powell) and Margaret Ann Ruhl (R-Mount Vernon) applauded the Ohio House’s concurrence on House Bill 11, legislation that seeks to add a judgeship to the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas, which currently has two judges. The new judge would be elected in 2016 and would serve as the judge of the domestic relations division.

This new division will hear cases that involve divorce, dissolution, separation, annulment cases, questions of paternity custody, visitation, and child support.

HB 11 allows for quarterly payments of $750 to retired judges under certain circumstances, while still allowing the judge to receive eligible retirement system benefits. This cost will be covered by the Ohio Supreme Court’s existing budget.

“Due to the population growth of Delaware County, our judges are presiding over an abundance of cases,” said Rep. Brenner. “This new judgeship addresses the needs of our local courts and will allow our judges to effectively manage their cases in a more timely fashion. House Bill 11 will allow Delaware County voters to vote for a new judge in the 2016 elections.”

“Allowing the people of Delaware County to vote for a new judge in the 2016 elections will alleviate some of the congestion in the courts and assist in unburdening judges of their excessive caseloads,” said Rep. Ruhl. “Additionally, the passage of HB 11 means that Delaware County can now comfortably continue making changes to their courthouse. We hope to see many positive changes with the implementation of HB 11.”

The Senate passed the amended bill unanimously, and the House unanimously concurred with the Senate changes. HB 11 will now head to the governor’s desk for his signature.

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