Rep. Alicia Reece Criticizes 'Stand Your Ground' Hearing
Expresses concern over the movement of this dangerous legislation
October 30, 2013
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State Representative and Ohio Legislative Black Caucus President Alicia Reece (D-Cincinnati) released the following statement in response to the Ohio House Policy and Legislative Oversight Committee’s second hearing on House Bill 203, Ohio’s Stand Your Ground bill.

“Stand Your Ground legislation is dangerous and polarizing. The fact that this bill continues to move forward in the legislative process is alarming, especially when taking into account its widespread opposition. On October 2, hundreds of Ohioans came to the Statehouse for a Day of Action Against Stand Your Ground, and this cross section of citizens submitted thousands of petitions that called upon on Governor Kasich, Speaker Batchelder and President Faber to stop Stand Your Ground in Ohio. And local governments in major Ohio cities passed resolutions expressing their disapproval of this bill. The Ohio Legislative Black Caucus and greater-Ohio community stand together in saying that Ohio does not need Stand Your Ground.”

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