Reece Seeks Limitations On Shackling Of Juveniles
Proposal would modernize state law regarding the presentation of juveniles in courtrooms
February 23, 2016
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State lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee today heard proponent testimony on House Bill (HB) 363, legislation to limit the shackling of juveniles in Ohio. The bill, sponsored by Ohio Legislative Black Caucus President and State Rep. Alicia Reece, seeks to modernize the Ohio Revised Code by curbing the use of handcuffs and other restraint devices on juvenile suspects in courtrooms across Ohio. 

“Hamilton County Juvenile Court, like many juvenile courts across Ohio, has received low marks when evaluated on implementing best practices in regard to shackling juveniles,” said Rep. Reece. “States like New York, Florida and Pennsylvania have implemented no-shackle policies. It is time we step up in Ohio and do the same.” 

This is the second consecutive General Assembly that Rep. Reece has introduced legislation to limit juvenile shackling. 

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