Reece Announces $2.8M For Cincinnati Community Organizations To Combat Infant Mortality
Five local initiatives will work to reduce early deaths
June 07, 2016
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Ohio Legislative Black Caucus President and State Rep. Alicia Reece (D-Cincinnati) today announced the release of almost $3 million in state funds for five community-based programs to address the city’s high infant mortality rate. The state investment is part of a total $26.8 million allocated in the last state budget to support community-driven proposals to combat infant mortality at the local level and enhance coordination among various agencies that provide care for women and infants at risk.

“Today I am especially proud of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus members who have tirelessly worked to raise awareness on the issue of infant mortality and called repeatedly for more proactive and engaged state support to help reduce early infant deaths,” said Reece. “Through this new partnership with the state, our community health advocates and experts will be better able to educate the public on best practices, raise awareness and pursue innovative solutions to help more infants reach their first birthday.”

The state investment follows the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus’ Day of Action earlier this year, during which African American lawmakers highlighted the untold impact of infant mortality on minority communities in Ohio and called for more state funding to reduce early infant deaths. Ohio ranks 45th in the nation in overall infant mortality with a rate of 6.8 deaths per 1,000 births, and last in African American infant mortality with a rate of 14.3— more than twice the rate of white babies.

The state investment will support the following community projects:

-The Center for Closing the Health Gap will recruit and train 14 community wellness coaches to assist communities in building a culture of health, collaborate with community business owners and organizations to assist in delivering education and strategies regarding infant mortality, and teach residents to advocate for needed resources for a healthy community. Total Funding Amount: $732,000.

-Local non-profit Cradle Cincinnati will partner with United Way’s 211 line to centralize intake for families in Hamilton County. Total Funding Amount: $370,000.

-Through a collaborative effort with Every Child Succeeds, Healthy Moms and Babes, Cincinnati Health Department, and TriHealth Outreach Ministries, Cradle Cincinnati will hire 18 community health workers and 6 Home Visitors to reach pregnant women in the targeted communities. Total Funding Amount: $1,400,000.

-Health Care Access Now will serve as the community hub for referral distribution of clients received from the centralized intake for partner agencies employing community health care workers and utilizing the community pathways model of care. Total Funding Amount: $250,000.

-Community health workers and home visitors will receive assistance in obtaining continuing education credits. Total Funding Amount: $85,000.

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