According to a Cincinnati Enquirer report, issues with the new electronic system to register voters at some polling locations have slowed the voting process today, while at least one polling location opened later than scheduled. According to the report, ten separate Hamilton County precincts experienced trouble with the electronic poll books, leading some voters to be turned away or given provisional ballots. 

A judge extended polling hours from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in Hamilton County due to the many irregularities. 

The following is Reece’s reaction Tuesday to reports of problems and delays at polling stations in Hamilton County:

“I am deeply troubled by reports of glitches with electronic voting systems occurring and polling locations not opening on time in my district. Voters should not have to relive the delays and long lines of years past or technical malfunctions that force them to vote provisionally. Access to the ballot box is a fundamental right, and elections officials – from the secretary of state on down – must be adequately prepared come Election Day. I find these issues to be unacceptable.”

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