State Rep. Nino Vitale (R-Urbana) co-sponsored right-to-work legislation (HB 377) that would end the private sector practice of making union membership a mandatory condition of employment.

Under the legislation, private sector employers would be prohibited from requiring an employee to become or remain a member of an employee organization and from requiring an employee to pay dues to the organization. Similar legislation has passed in 25 other states.

“I have been a member of various unions for more than 10 years in my 29-plus year career. This legislation is about freedom and giving the employee a right to decide if they wish to contribute to the union,” said Rep. Vitale. “I believe it is unfair to have the money forced from the employee’s paycheck. The worker earned the money and they should be able to choose what they wish to do with it just like they should be able to choose what type of car they want to buy.”

This legislation does not prohibit anyone from joining a union and has been passed in neighboring Michigan and Indiana. There is legislation pending in Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia as well.

“It’s a simple question of do you believe dues should be forced out of someone’s paycheck or the employee should have the choice,” said Rep, Vitale.

You can contact Rep. Vitale by email at or by phone at 614.466.1507.

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