Representative A. Nino Vitale - House District 85

05.21.20 - Rep. Vitale Introduces Bill To Ban All Mask Requirements Without Vote Of House And Senate As The Ohio Constitution Requires


Late Thursday afternoon, Rep. Vitale released a co-sponsor request for a bill which would not allow any Ohio State official, elected or unelected, to require facial covering of any kind, without 2/3rds of a vote from the Ohio House and Senate.


02.26.20 - The Governor Signs Vitale Veteran Tax Relief Bill Into Law


COLUMBUS—Tuesday afternoon, Governor Mike DeWine signed H.B. 18, written by Representative Nino Vitale, into law. The bill, called the Ohio Veterans Exemption Payment Act, offers a refund to veterans who had their retirement payments taxed by the state of Ohio.


01.29.20 - Trump's Speech At The March For Life Was Historic


If you didn’t catch it, since most of the media chose not to report one of the largest rallies in the United States, people flooded the National Mall this past Friday, for the 47th year, in the freezing cold, to make a statement to the US government that the killing of innocent, unborn babies in the womb is wrong.


06.17.19 - Rep. Vitale Passes The Ohio Paycheck Act


COLUMBUS—State Representative Nino Vitale’s (R-Urbana) Paycheck Bill passed 94-2 out of the Ohio House of Representatives. House Bill 137 would require all of Ohio’s employers to provide their employees with a paycheck during each regular pay period.


05.29.19 - House Bill 6 Will Lower Your Electric Bill


There’s no doubt you’ve heard a lot of discussion and arguments about what this bill actually does. As the chairman of the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee, I listened to over 150 hours of testimony on HB 6. Additionally, I have invested almost 200 hours in studying the energy markets and how they work. One thing I can assure you of, is that it is complicated. Here are the facts.


04.11.19 - The Ohio Heartbeat Bill Passes And ONLY Protects White Babies?


COLUMBUS - Yesterday was a historic day in that after almost 10 years of trying, the Ohio Heartbeat bill passed the Ohio House and Senate and is headed to Governor Mike Dewine who has promised to sign it into law.


03.28.19 - Vitale's Veterans Exemption Payment Act Passes 98-0


COLUMBUS—State Representative Nino Vitale’s (R-Urbana) Ohio Veteran’s Exemption Payment Act (OVEP) passed unanimously out of the Ohio House of Representatives on Wednesday, March 27th


02.11.19 - Rep. Vitale Named Chairman Of Energy And Natural Resources


State Representative Nino Vitale, (R-Urbana) has been named the chairman of a second committee, Ohio Energy and Natural Resources by Speaker of the House Larry Householder, (R-Glenford).


01.28.19 - Rep. Vitale Named Chairman Of State Oversight Committee


State Representative Nino Vitale, (R-Urbana) has been named the chairman of the State of Ohio Sunset Review Committee by Speaker of the House Larry Householder, (R-Glenford).


07.18.18 - Impeach Trump For Meeting With Putin?


President Trump went to Europe to meet with several world leaders, and what do we hear from the media, the Democrats and even members of his own party? The sky is falling, he should be impeached, and he was nice to Putin! I ask you this question: was President Reagan nasty to the Russians? Did he badmouth them and choose not to meet with them? No. The Cold War was ended through many talks and discussion. It is a rather nice alternative to war, don’t you think?


06.28.18 - Vitale Passes The Ohio Pastor Protection Act


Representative Nino Vitale (R-Urbana) announced that his bill, House Bill 36, known as the Ohio Pastor Protection Act has passed the Ohio House of Representatives with a 61-29 bi-partisan majority vote. It is a simple bill that provides that no ordained minister or church property can be sued if they do not wish to have their property used for ceremonies or activities that are contrary to that faith communities’ deeply held religious beliefs.


06.20.18 - Kids Coming Across Our Border


There are 250 children illegally crossing into the United States daily. Most of them will eventually be released into our country along with those who we think are their parents. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about this in the news, but I have a personal perspective that I would like to share.


04.10.18 - Rep. Vitale Introduces Stand Your Ground Legislation


A line has been drawn in the political sand. Democrats want more gun control and even to confiscate our guns. Republicans have traditionally supported our right to bear arms. However, some Republicans like Governor John Kasich and Representative Michael Henne have crossed the line and introduced a new gun control bill, House Bill 585, the Kasich- Henne Gun Control Act.


03.23.18 - State Reps. Hood And Vitale Introduce The Ohio Life At Conception Act


Earlier this week Representatives Ron Hood (R-78) and Nino Vitale (R-85) introduced The Ohio Life at Conception Act, which is the most comprehensive pro-life legislation that has been introduced in Ohio since that passage of Roe v. Wade in 1973


02.20.18 - We Have A Problem With God, Not Guns


The Florida school shooting has been on all of our minds and a weight on our hearts. This is one of many tragic events, and unfortunately, it will not be the last. While many on both sides of the political aisle want a quick solution, usually involving more or less gun control, I think we need to better understand the root causes. We need to understand that when we no longer honor God and His laws, we cannot honor our neighbor or ourselves.


07.17.17 - Why Rep. Vitale Voted Against Taxing Health Care


A small few have criticized my decision to vote against raising the Health Insuring Corporation (HIC) tax.  Here is the backstory. The federal government decided to control and usurp states’ rights once again by determining that Ohio could no longer have a Medicaid Care Organization (MCO) tax. This MCO tax began when Obamacare and Medicaid expansion were put in place some seven years ago. Many in government have gotten used to using this MCO tax to fund local programs.


06.06.17 - The Paris Climate Accord: Have You Read It?


President Trump told voters he would remove the United States from agreements that he feels are harmful to America. But is the Paris Accord harmful? Much has been said about the Paris Accord. Yet, the people I speak with have not actually read the accord, nor looked into what America’s commitment would have been. Here are facts that I have discovered.


05.08.17 - Representative Vitale Votes No On 4,500 Page Budget Bill


On Tuesday, May 2nd the Ohio House of Representatives passed the state operating budget (HB 49). While Representative Vitale (R-Urbana) found some good causes within the budget, as a conservative representative who promised to promote smaller, smarter government, he could not vote in favor of it.


03.14.17 - COLUMN: Three Solutions To Our Drug Epidemic


There has been much discussion today about the drug problem. Most seem to want to focus on treating those with addiction. While treatment is very important, I hear very little about slowing or stopping the opioid problem, so we have less people who need treatment. There is no question we have some deeply troubling situations occurring. But why don’t talk more about prevention, so less Ohioans need expensive and reoccurring treatment? 


12.28.16 - COLUMN: Statement On Heartbeat Bill And Energy Mandate Vetoes


It is with a sad heart that I write this today, part sad, part angry honestly. Large numbers of people have written to me on both the energy mandates and the Heartbeat Bill. As you likely heard, Governor Kasich vetoed several pieces of legislation, including the Heartbeat Bill and energy mandates legislation. 


12.19.16 - COLUMN: Why The Electoral College?


Many have asked me about the Electoral College. Currently, President-elect Donald Trump won the presidential election with majority of electoral votes, while Secretary Hillary Clinton lost, despite winning the popular vote. What does this mean, and why does it matter?


12.12.16 - Guns, Babies And Energy - Hot Bills At The Ohio State House


State Representative Nino Vitale (R-Urbana) has announced that the Ohio House passed several important bills, which will affect some of our most valued rights and traditions, such as the right to life, guns and energy mandates.


01.11.16 - Rep. Vitale Calls For An End To Federal Gun Regulations In Ohio


This morning State Representative Nino Vitale (R-Urbana) called for a return to Constitutional government by introducing a bill to have all gun laws at the federal level nullified and have Ohio exercise it's constitutional right to control firearms laws over Ohio Citizens. Rep. Vitale has asked all members of the Ohio House of Representatives to join him in support of this bill. Below is the text of the co-sponsor request sent to all Ohio House members.


10.26.15 - Rep. Vitale Co-sponsors Right To Work Legislation


State Rep. Nino Vitale (R-Urbana) co-sponsored right-to-work legislation (HB 377) that would end the private sector practice of making union membership a mandatory condition of employment.


09.30.15 - Rep. Vitale Votes To Approve Health Care Compact


State Representative Nino Vitale (R-Urbana) voted for legislation that, with approval from Congress, would give Ohio more freedom and flexibility over its healthcare policies.


07.30.15 - Rep. Vitale To Introduce Ohio Pastor's Protection Act


State Representative Nino Vitale (R-Urbana) will soon be introducing a bill that will protect pastors, ministers and members of the clergy and any associated property  from lawsuits. This protection will allow these individuals to exercise religious liberty and only perform ceremonies if they are in line with their deeply held religious beliefs. Ohio’s pastors and church organizations should not be forced to violate their conscience.


06.26.15 - COLUMN: Rep. Vitale Explains Federal Law Does Not Trump The Ohio Constitution


In 2004, 62% of Ohio voters approved a fifty-five-word amendment to the Ohio Constitution. It clearly states that, in Ohio, only a marriage between one man and one woman is valid or recognized. 


04.15.15 - Rep. Vitale Votes To Create Permanent Online Tax Expenditure Database


State Representative Nino Vitale (R-Urbana) today voted in favor of House Bill 46, legislation that greatly improves government transparency by making it easier for Ohioans to search state government spending during each fiscal year.


02.11.15 - Rep. Vitale Applauds Ohio House Passage Of Bill Regarding PARCC Testing In Schools


State Representative Nino Vitale (R-Urbana) applauded today’s Ohio House passage of House Bill 7, legislation that provides academic protections for students taking new state assessments during the 2014-15 school year. New assessments in mathematics and English language arts are supplied by the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC).


01.05.15 - Rep. Nino Vitale Sworn In To Ohio House For 131st General Assembly


State Representative Nino Vitale (R-Urbana) was sworn in as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives for the 131st General Assembly during a ceremony at the Statehouse today.