Rep. Boccieri with his family in the Statehouse
Rep. Boccieri with his family in the Statehouse
 Rep. Boccieri reaching across the aisle
Rep. Boccieri reaching across the aisle
 Rep. Boccieri with House and Senate Minority Leaders at a press conference outlining Democratic economic policy priorities.
Rep. Boccieri with House and Senate Minority Leaders at a press conference outlining Democratic economic policy priorities.
Rep. Boccieri stands with 2015-2016 Mahoning County 4-H King and Queen winners Scott Erb and Shannon Marshburn at the Canfield Library Ribbon Cutting on January 30, 2016.
Rep. Boccieri stands with 2015-2016 Mahoning County 4-H King and Queen winners Scott Erb and Shannon Marshburn at the Canfield Library Ribbon Cutting on January 30, 2016.
 Rep. Boccieri joins the Canfield community to celebrate the opening of its new public library branch on January 30, 2016.
Rep. Boccieri joins the Canfield community to celebrate the opening of its new public library branch on January 30, 2016.
 Rep. Boccieri speaking on the House floor
Rep. Boccieri speaking on the House floor

John Boccieri is a veteran, former U.S. congressman and state senator, who currently represents Ohio’s 59th House district in the state legislature, covering most of Mahoning County and parts of Stark County.

Throughout his years of public service, Rep. Boccieri has fought to bring middle-class jobs back to his local community by sponsoring legislation to support small businesses, encourage entrepreneurship and grow the economy. Rep. Boccieri values diverse opinions and is committed to working across the aisle to address the most important issues facing Ohio families.

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Representative Boccieri Serves In the Following Committees :

Energy and Natural ResourcesPublic Utilities
Rep. Boccieri discusses Sebring water crisis and legislation to prevent similar issues in the future.
Rep. Boccieri calls for a change in the selection of Ohio metro park board members after call for resignation of Mill Creek MetoParks Executive Director Aaron Young.

05.04.16 - Local Representatives Work To Halt Ohio Legislature's War On Working People


State Reps. Michele Lepore-Hagan (D-Youngstown) and John Boccieri (D-Poland) stood up for Ohio’s skilled workers today by voting against the passage of Senate Bill (SB) 152, saying legislation to ban local hiring standards and restrict project labor agreements (PLAs) for public works projects will jeopardize Ohio jobs and destabilize local economies. 

Urban areas typically have higher unemployment rates than the national average, making the decision to hire local workers even more impactful for improving the job market in urban areas.

“The language regarding project labor agreements is yet another Republican assault on working people in our state,” Rep. Lepore-Hagan said. “By restricting PLAs, Republicans are undermining wage and benefit levels for women and men employed in the construction industry. For those of us in border cities, that also means losing jobs to surrounding states. We should be focused on growing jobs in Ohio, not sending them out of state. Right in our district, companies like Penn Gaming used private sector PLAs for large-scale projects because they recognize the financial and practical value of having an agreement with their highly skilled workers before a project begins. Professionals know what safety means at the workplace, and they get the job done right the first time, usually under budget.”

Senate Bill 152 initially only addressed Ohio communities’ authority to set local hiring standards on public construction projects before Rep. Ron Hood (R-Asheville) amended the bill to restrict project labor agreements on public construction projects. The legislation now restricts PLAs when any state dollars are used for projects locally. The bill also prohibits communities from requiring local workforce participation rates for projects funded by local governments.

“This legislation is going to outsource Ohio jobs,” Boccieri said. “It's a race to the bottom to find the cheapest, least skilled workers. The outcome will be local skilled workers watching in utter disbelief as out-of-state, unskilled workers take their jobs.”


04.26.16 - Portions Of The Capital Bill Put 'pork' And Puppets Ahead Of Ohio's Patriots


State Rep. John Boccieri (D-Poland) today highlighted some of the community projects that won funding in the 2016 capital budget over the Youngstown Air Reserve Station (YARS)’s request to create a Regional Joint Readiness Center (RJRC) to provide a central point for deploying reservists. The request centered on the cargo apron and hangar that reservists from the 910th Airlift Wing would immediately utilize.

According the Vindicator, the Federal Aviation Administration financed an $11.5 million 13-acre paved cargo apron area on the west side of the airport in 1999. A private developer built a building for airport cargo shipping next to it, but both facilities have remained practically unused since. On a recent visit to the area, U.S. military officials expressed interest in the idea of using the cargo apron and building as a deployment hub for troops and other military assets from all branches of the military from Northeast Ohio as well as nearby portions of neighboring states.

“I’m really surprised that the initial introduction of the capital bill placed ‘pork’ ahead of Ohio’s patriots,” Rep. Boccieri said. “The irony is almost pathetic – legislators want to construct a fifty-foot statue of the Wright brother’s first airplane ahead of prioritizing a project that will have an immediate impact on deploying soldiers who fly out of the Air Reserve Station.”

Instead of appropriating even one dollar to Western Reserve Port Authority, the legislature is on track to give $80,000 to the Bowling Green Curling Club and $500,000 toward a soccer stadium in Columbus. In addition, the state is granting the full funding amount requested by the Madcap Production for a new puppet theater, and $1 million to the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum for a single exhibit.

The Youngstown Air Reserve Station is the third largest employer in the Mahoning Valley and, unlike the private sector, must justify its continued existence in front of a Base Realignment and Closure Committee at the federal level. This project could cement the base as a joint station for all branches of the military as a deployment hub, and create an even larger economic impact, which currently exceeds $100 million.

“We certainly should prioritize our soldiers ahead of a puppet theater and statue of the Wright brothers’ first airplane,” Rep. Boccieri said. “I hope that there is the political will and foresight with an amendment to realign taxpayer dollars away from these projects and toward our soldiers.”


04.26.16 - More Work Needed On EPA Water Testing Bill, Says Rep. Boccieri


State Rep. John Boccieri (D-Poland) today said more work is needed to correct the utter failure of both local and state water contamination reporting processes after lead found in Sebring’s drinking water caused a recent public health crisis. This afternoon, the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee will hear sponsor testimony on House Bill (HB) 512, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s mid-biennium review bill that attempts to improve these processes. 


04.25.16 - Rep. Boccieri Applauds Legislation Aimed At Helping Veterans, Ohio Cities


State Rep. John Boccieri (D-Poland) today applauded the recent passage of two House bills aimed at boosting revitalization efforts in the state’s urban centers and easing access to medical benefits and other services for military veterans. Both pieces of legislation passed unanimously out of the House earlier this week. 

The first, House Bill (HB) 173, will establish veteran identification cards that can be used to prove eligibility for a number of services, including medical benefits, employment, and discounts at participating retail establishments. The new veteran identification cards will be issued by county recorders or veterans service offices. 

“Both of these bills are true examples of good policy that puts Ohioans first,” said Boccieri. “HB 173 gives our veterans an easy way to display their record of service to our country and access the services they need. As a veteran myself, I know that this is a need that has been unfulfilled for some time.” 


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